Did you know your website design is the no. 1 factor for 48% of internet users when they’re determining the credibility of a business?

Everyone knows you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Still, we can’t deny that the looks are a major factor when forming an opinion. This means you should invest in professional design to make your website visitors stay longer to see your offerings.

No matter which industry you’re in, you need a web design that won’t cheapen your services. If you’re in the food biz, learn how to hire the right restaurant website design company below.

1. Look via Google and Ask Your Acquaintances

The easiest way to find a web design company is to search via Google. You can also search for ones near you, so you can drop by their office for a face-to-face meeting.

You can also ask your business acquaintances and groups to ask for recommendations. You’ll get at least one name this way. If you’re lucky, there may be some names that pop up more often.

List down these names and check out their website for their contact info. This is the first test – make sure they practice what they preach. If they can’t make their own website look good, what’s your assurance they can do a good job with yours?

2. Check the Portfolio of the Web Design Company

The best way to gauge the ability of the website designer is to look at their portfolio. This is often available on their website.

Use the portfolio to gauge their ability and their eye for good designs. If their portfolio matches what you’re looking for, then shoot the company an email to ask for a quotation. If it doesn’t, look somewhere else, even if the designs look good.

Visit each website, too, to see if the design is functional. The aesthetics might be exceptional, but what’s more important is that the design is easy to use.

Another way to check the websites they’ve made is to look for their signature. It’s at the bottom of every website they make. It goes something like, “Website by Web Designer A.”

When you get their signature, enter it on Google. Make sure to use quotation marks, which will tell Google to search for the exact phrase as you wrote it.

This will bring back all the websites containing that signature. You may be able to find some websites they didn’t include in their portfolio.

3. Look at the Restaurant Websites You Like

As an alternative method of finding a website company, look for its signature on the websites you like.

Are there particular websites you’re fond of? Get the name of the web design company that made it, and then look for its other websites.

While you’re looking at the websites, take notes of what you like about them. Keep note of things like:

  • the menu bar
  • the typeface
  • the contact page

Each element you want to see in your website, note it down. Save the link and take screenshots if you have to.

This will make it easier for you to relay to the designer what your vision is for your website. If the web designer charges by the hour, this will save you time and money.

4. Choose a Company with Restaurant Website Design Experience

While checking the portfolio of a company, keep an eye out on any restaurant sites they might have made.

Having an experience in this field will ensure they know what a restaurant needs for its website. They already have restaurant menu ideas and restaurant bar design ideas. They also should know how to implement them.

This also gives you a better idea of how they will handle a restaurant website. Were they able to bring out the values of that restaurant? Did they make it enticing enough to urge customers to visit it?

See if they were able to capture the essence of that restaurant. If their restaurant website portfolio looks generic, look elsewhere.

5. Ask the Right Questions

Once you get talking with a designer, make sure to ask questions that will help you determine whether they’re a good fit for you.

Communicate your deadline and budget; see if they can work with those. Often, they have a fixed price, so ask them about that and see if it’s in line with your budget.

Ask them about their process, too. What’s their policy for milestones and deadlines? Are you okay with these?

Make sure to ask about their payment policy. Check how much you have to pay upfront and when you have to pay the balance.

The usual in this industry is that you pay a down payment upfront, another sum of payment somewhere in the middle of the project, and the rest at the end of the project when you’ve approved all the work.

If the restaurant website design company you’re talking to has a different policy, like a 50% down payment, ask yourself if you can afford it. If not, you may instead consider the other designers who aren’t asking for that much upfront.

6. Make Sure You Can Edit the Website

If you need something minor changed on your website afterward, like updating the operating hours, you shouldn’t have to contact the designer again. You must have the ability to edit without knowing how to code.

If you want to maintain a blog, all the more reason to get a CMS. It stands for Content Management System that allows you to manage and publish content on your site. It makes it easy to publish blog posts and media complete with titles and SEO elements.

Sometimes, a designer is only that – a designer. He/she only designs the look of the website, which we call the front-end, without considering how it functions. The backend support covers this, but if you can, get a company that does both.

This your website is both beautiful and built with a stable structure. If you decide to do the managing yourself, you also won’t get frustrated if the website has a crude platform.

Wise Up When Choosing a Web Design Company

The right restaurant website design company is at your fingertips if you follow our tips above. Make sure to interview them first to get the answers you want and to gauge their professionalism. Most of the time, work ethics is more important than the quality of output.

If you need more tips, check out our other blogs or contact us for a free marketing consultation.