As ad revenue and users of Facebook ads continually grows, they’ve become a new way to ensure that you reach the largest audience. While law firms and other professional services might not think they’re included in that growth, the potential of lead generation for lawyers is massive. With just about everyone on Facebook, building a presence through Facebook ads is essential.

Here are some tips to ensure your ads and your Facebook page bring in the kind of leads you’re looking for.

Be Sure To Optimize Your Page

The best way to generate leads is organically. Facebook pages have a powerful capacity to help but in the world of lead generation for lawyers, you need to be smart. Their advanced marketing tools aren’t useful if you don’t set them up correctly.

Facebook pages can do a lot for you but they need to be optimized. You need to utilize every opportunity that you can to send potential leads to your site. If you can get them on your page, into your inbox, or on your website, you have the chance to convert them.

Make sure your website is in the “about us” section of your Facebook page. Without a site listed, people will think that your firm is unprofessional or that you work freelance. While your Facebook page is essential, if potential clients think that it’s the only way you get the word out, they won’t trust you.

Use the appropriate calls to action. Saying “Contact Us” or “Call Now” gets them thinking about the concept of getting in touch and, with a configured button, makes it easier.

You should also be utilizing pinned posts to show off your value. You need to show that you can help clients and then lead them to a CTA that grabs their attention.

Video is Essential

One of the most powerful developments of the Facebook marketing platform in the past few years is the prevalence of video. It’s now fully essential to building a strong brand presence. It gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and to build that ever-essential trust that lawyers need to have with clients.

As cliche as it might seem, people are still wary of trusting any lawyer. You need to make sure that trust is your number one goal. Since the case you take on could be potentially life-altering for your client, show them you take that seriously be offering more of yourself.

Video makes it easier for people to connect. When they see a person talking, smiling, and speaking honestly about their interests on video, it’s easier to trust them.

Seeing body language and hearing the tone of someone’s voice is important. That can’t be conveyed in photographs alone. With trust and familiarity, it’s much easier to build a long-term client base.

Keep your videos short. Include descriptions and titles to attract searchers. Make sure that you upload videos within Facebook instead of linking to them from somewhere else.

Write Valuable Posts

Value matters when people putting their time into reading or watching something. The most successful businesses today focus on marketing to clients with valuable information. The same old, salesy writing of a previous era won’t do.

Your target audience has a few questions and concerns universally. You should be addressing them through your posts.

If you’re stuck coming up with topics for posts, you should write down your most frequently asked questions. Answering each one in a clear and concise way ensures that you can create content that matters to your clients.

Facebook rewards and promotes native content the best. That means that if you’re putting content directly into a law blog, you need to copy and paste it inside of a new Facebook post. Merely adding a link makes it look like you don’t care, so why should Facebook?

Be Interactive

One of the things that social media marketers most commonly forget is the fact that it’s got an emphasis on the social elements. These platforms are idealized as a way to interact and communicate. If you’re not interacting with your audience, you risk losing them to a more interactive competitor.

Lawfirms might not get the high number of private messages that other types of businesses receive, but that’s all the more reason to pay attention. If you neglect your page’s inbox, you risk losing a new client.

People expect quick responsesĀ in these platforms. When it comes to legal matters, these issues can feel extremely urgent. Show your clients that you get it by responding quickly.

Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews either. Just like the way that most businesses are built through word of mouth, having reviews assures potential clients that you’re legit.

In a world where 84% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from a friend, your reviews matter. Reach out to your best and most trusted clients and ask them to say something nice about their experience. If they truly want you to succeed, which they likely do, then they’ll be more than happy to recommend you to a friend or stranger.

Get in the habit of following up with your clients in a general sense. While you’re at it, drop a link to where they can leave a review. It’ll be sure to help your business grow.

Lead Generation for Lawyers is Simple

While paid ads add a massive benefit to any business, you need to couple that strategy with organic SEO. That’s the best way to ensure you get the traffic you’re looking for when strategizing lead generation for lawyers.

Check out our wide array of attorney marketing services for more ideas on how your firm could end up growing in a massive way.