What if you could become a real estate superstar overnight?

No, you don’t have to make a wish with a genie or sell your soul. All you have to do is develop an awesome real estate social media strategy.

Social media is changing the way both buyers and sells approach real estate. However, you can’t fully take advantage of this if you don’t understand how to get started.

Wondering what the top tips are for real estate social media domination? Keep reading to find out!

1. The Field Where You Grow Your FAQs

The most basic principle of social media marketing for real estate is deceptively simple. You must do more than simply try to sell houses.

Instead, you should find ways to help prospective buyers. This helps build loyalty and makes them likelier to use your services to snag a home.

For example, use social media to answer the most frequent buyer questions. This allows you to give quality, FAQ-style advice in an easy and organic way.

Furthermore, social media allows people to engage with you and ask follow-up questions. Every question you answer makes you more of a guru that they trust for their different real estate needs.

2. Facebook First

Obviously, “social media” is a pretty broad description. It’s important to narrow down the platform(s) you will focus on in order to attract buyers.

As it turns out, Facebook is ideal for real estate. Why? Because it effectively serves as a central platform for buyers and sellers.

  • It’s possible for you to list homes, update listings, take appointments, and communicate with customers via Facebook.
  • You can even curate your most shining reviews together to put your best face forward to prospective buyers.
  • On top of that, Facebook’s demographics are more likely to buy homes.
  • And you can use Facebook ads to target very specific demographics or customer segments in order to further your brand awareness and sales.

3. Engage with Polls

Online users love to interact with online content. This is how Buzzfeed built an empire on the kinds of bizarre quizzes that have captivated thousands of users.

You can get in on the action by conducting polls directly through social media. They are easy to set up, and users can “vote” with a tap of their finger.

Polling is a real “win/win” for your real estate strategy. It boosts buyer engagement while also giving you critical insight into buyer psychology.

4. Real Tips for Homebuyers

Earlier, we talked about the need to provide quality content for customers. And while answering their questions is one part of that strategy, that is only the beginning.

We recommend offering real tips for homebuyers. These tips can range from negotiating on closing costs to fixing minor plumbing issues around the house.

This builds trust because buyers understand you see them as more than a prospective sale. In turn, you become their valuable and trusted source of advice for all things home-related.

When the time comes to buy a house, they are likelier to turn to someone they already trust and feel as if they have a relationship with.

5. Link Up

LinkedIn is probably the last place you’d expect to sell a home. And we’ll be honest, you’re not likely to drum up any sales on this particular platform.

However, LinkedIn was designed to link professionals together. And it can be a great way to link up with fellow realtors and find inspiration for your future strategies.

If nothing else, you can use LinkedIn as a springboard to check out their strategy on different social media platforms. Find the ideas that seem to be working best for them and find a way to make them work for you!

6. Zillow Synergy

Social media works because it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why the best ads on Facebook and other platforms implement brands that customers are already interested in.

You can get in on that action with your own social media. And it all starts with Zillow.

It’s possible to focus your ads on people who are shopping for homes in your area by using Zillow. And just like that, you can place advertised listings in front of the most interested prospective buyers.

This is like any other sales strategy. Why chase after cold leads when you can sell to customers who are already ready to buy?

7. Video: the New Hotness

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, we’re here to tell you that online video is more popular than ever.

Users constantly get streaming entertainment from Youtube, TikTok, Twitch, and more. Compared to that, still images of a house can look a bit basic.

Instead, try to upload direct videos to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. These videos might include things like tours of the home and the surrounding neighborhood.

Many users have social media apps that automatically play videos. This means someone browsing Facebook on their phone may end up virtually “walking” through one of your properties before they even know it.

8. Instagram Secrets

Earlier, we mentioned how Facebook reigns supreme when it comes to real estate. However, Instagram isn’t far behind.

Instagram is designed to show off photos and videos more than any other content. That makes it a unique platform to show off breathtaking photos of a home’s interior and exterior.

Furthermore, Instagram Stories serves as a great way to provide updated information on your listings. And users love Stories because it provides a sense of immediacy and a sense of intimacy.

Obviously, you get better results when you have better photos. We recommend getting professional photographs of each home so you have something that will really dazzle prospective buyers.

Real Estate Social Media Strategy: #Sold

Now you know how to create a real estate social media strategy. But do you know who can take it to the next level?

We specialize in 21st-century marketing solutions. With our help, today’s customers find tomorrow’s dream homes.

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