With the number of retail healthcare clinics rising in the U.S. every year, how will you draw more patients to your clinic? Your clinic offers excellent care for your patients, but you might find it challenging to master the marketing game. Successful marketing helps make sure your clinic gets the attention it deserves.

When people need to see a doctor or receive medical treatment, they often turn to the internet to search for healthcare services. Your clinic needs to rise to the top of Google searches for patients to find you first.

Here are some of our best medical marketing tips to help your clinic stand out from the rest.

Create a Strategy Based on Your Services

Just like your treatment plan for a patient, you need a strategy for your clinic’s marketing plan.

With a goal for your clinic and steps to reach it, you can boost your clinic’s online visibility.

  • Document your “symptoms.” Do you have a problem or deficiency you’d like to solve? Maybe you need more new patients, or you want to increase your current patients’ likelihood to return to your clinic for treatment again in the future. Whatever you want for your clinic, document the “symptoms” to begin your strategy.
  • Diagnose the problem. When you have your goals in mind, determine what’s not working with your current marketing strategy. When people search online for your clinic, do you show up on the first or second page of results? Are you losing patients to other clinics? Find what’s broken to lead you to a solution.
  • Create your treatment plan. Apply strategies to help meet your goal. Like treating an illness, develop specific steps to help “heal” your marketing plan

If your medical advertising skills aren’t as strong as your medical practice skills, a healthcare marketing agency can help you implement your strategy.

Build a Better Website

Your digital marketing strategy will increase traffic to your website—and ultimately, bring more patients to your clinic.

However, if your website is challenging to navigate or isn’t attractive, you’ll lose patients before they ever get to your clinic. Your website should be user-friendly. It should reflect your brand and be an extension of your in-clinic patient experience.

When a potential patient lands on your website, it’s the beginning of a doctor-patient relationship. Welcome visitors with easy-to-find information, a list of your services, and a simple way to schedule an appointment.

But, you can’t stop with information only. Your website also needs content that attracts people searching for answers.

Be an Expert With Excellent Content

If a potential patient searches for “treatment for foot pain,” and that’s your clinic’s area of expertise, you want your clinic to be among the top search results.

Having a blog article on your website about different types of foot pain, potential medical reasons for foot pain, and treatment options helps that visitor see you as a doctor who can help.

Excellent content positions you as an expert in your field. Content also helps drive traffic to your website—but how?

Engage With Social Media

Social media is an excellent tool to engage with new audiences. Use your social media platforms to lead people to your website.

Post links to your blog articles and encourage visitors to click the links. Share resources from other experts in your field. This helps elevate your clinic’s status as one that uses respected resources to understand health issues and treat patients.

Use social media to engage with your audience. Let your clinic office atmosphere shine through social media. Develop online challenges or offers to increase participation and boost your social media presence.

Building a strong social media presence helps generate new interest in your clinic.

Use Referrals to Grow Your Network

If your clinic specializes in specific treatments, network with other health professionals in your area to form a referral network.

Connecting with other reputable health solution providers in the area increases your pool of potential patients. Plus, aligning yourself with other well-respected doctors and clinics helps your reputation, too.

Make sure your website and social media platforms make it easy to refer patients between your partner clinics.

Gather Reviews and Cultivate Your Online Reputation

If you provide excellent patient services, you probably have happy patients. After a patient visits your clinic, ask them to provide a review of your services.

Taking the time to cultivate positive reviews from patients is worth the effort. When searching online for products or services, 84 percent of them trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from friends or family.

Building and monitoring your online reputation is a critical part of your medical marketing strategy. Respond to all reviews, and reach out to patients who leave a negative review.

Stay Consistent

As with a medical treatment plan, consistency is key to staying healthy. Patients who stop a medication or other therapies when they start feeling better often relapse into poor health.

When your medical marketing plan starts working, keep doing what works! Staying consistent helps your clinic remain visible as one of the top healthcare companies in your area.

Hire an Expert for Medical Marketing

To build and execute the best medical marketing strategy for your healthcare clinic or medical clinic, hire a healthcare marketing agency.

Vibraeneo is a trusted industry leader in digital marketing services for the medical field. While you’re the expert in treating patients, we’re the experts to make sure your clinic’s website design and digital marketing strategy work for you.

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